Who’s checking out the #MONUMENTOUR?

paramore covered fifteen magazines in 2013 and received dozens of features worldwide.

"Don’t let anyone scare you out of being the person you are or the person you want to be."

Hayley’s best dance moves were during ‘Ain’t it Fun’ in Toronto. 
WARNING: Be prepared to smile like an idiot.

My Paramore autograph, Jeremy’s pick which he threw to me (it actually landed on my arm and I found it and screamed and everyone laughed), the butterfly confetti during ‘Still Into You’, my ticket, and the wristbands for M&G and admission. 

Anonymous: how was meeting Paramore??

It was seriously the most amazing experience. I thought I was going to be extremely nervous but I actually got it together and was super cool for the most part. Taylor came and high-fived everyone like he does in every other M&G! I made all of them cards and Taylor was so appreciative. He talked the least because she’s the most shy, but he was still so sweet just like I thought he’d be! Then Hayley came and she is absolutely gorgeous in person. She is so amazing, I felt like she was my friend. She was so amazed by my handwriting and thought the card was so sweet. She even said she was so happy to meet me, and I panicked at this point and said “I hope I see you around sometime!” and she said “Yea we’ll be performing in a few hours” and I’m like oH MY GOD DID I JUST SAY THAT! She was even talking to me when she was signing other peoples’ autographs! I asked her where she had poutine (it’s fries with gravy and cheese, it’s like a Canadian thing if you didn’t know) and she said some hipster place. I laughed. She’s so awesome omg. Then Jeremy came and he was so incredibly sweet! He’s the one that will keep talking to you forever. I gave him my card and he flipped. He freaking loved my handwriting and was like omg I thought it was typed, it’s so straight and perfect! He showed it to everyone and everyone was like omg that looks like he typed it out and printed it! He said he couldn’t wait to read it. Seriously, they are the kindest people ever. I wish I had more time with them, it was everything I wanted it to be and more. It’s so funny because the one thing I planned on saying was congratulating Jeremy on becoming a father, but I totally forgot to say that! I have 0 regrets though because I made them cards and I fully expressed myself and told them everything I wanted to say. It’s so hard to believe that Hayley is so sweet and kind, but she is such an amazing, outgoing, and energetic performer. She is so talented - they all are, equally. My life is now complete.

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