In this tutorial using Photoshop CS6 Extended for Mac, I will be using the Eraser Tool, Background Eraser Tool, Pen Tool, and Lasso Tool to remove the background of an image.

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  • All .GIFs must be 1000M or below
  • Always sharpen your GIFs after you’ve resized them
  • Use a GIF sharpening action instead of sharpening each frame individually
  • If the quality of your video isn’t great, your best bet is to just make it black and white and increase the brightness/contrast
  • The ideal GIF speed for me is usually 0.08 seconds per frame
  • The least time consuming way to create your GIFs is to load your frames, delete the unwanted frames, flatten frames into layers, delete the unwanted layers in the layers panel, resize your gif, sharpen your gif, and apply your psd

Hope this helps!

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